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Add Us To Your Safe Senders List
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To ensure you receive our email communication properly, please add our domain to the safe senders list in your email software. To add us to your safe senders list, find your email software below and follow the instructions. For more help on this topic, consult the users guide of your software package.

Outlook 2003 and 2007

  1. On the [Tools] menu, select [Options...].
  2. Press the [Junk E-mail...] button.
  3. Choose the [Safe Senders] tab and click [Add].
  4. Type in "" and click [OK].
  1. On the [Mail] menu, select [Address Book].
  2. Press the [Add Contact] button.
  3. In the [Other Email 1] field, type "".
  4. Select the [Other Email 1] field as the primary address and click [Save].
  1. On the [Contacts] tab, click [Add Contact].
  2. Under the [Quick Add Contact] section, type "" into the [Email] field.
  3. Click [Add].
  1. On the [Options] menu in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, select [More Options...].
  2. Under the [Junk e-mail] heading, choose [Safe and blocked senders].
  3. Choose [Safe Senders] and type "" into the [Sender or domain to mark as safe:] field.
  4. Click [Add to list >>].
  1. Choose [Contacts] and click the [New Contact] button.
  2. Type "" into the [Email] field and click [Save].
  1. On the [Tools] menu, choose [Options...].
  2. Select [Junk Mail] from the list of options.
  3. Make sure the box is checked that is labeled [Mail isn't junk if sender is in an address book] and click [OK].
  4. Select the [Address Book] button and click [New].
  5. Type "Eagles' Wings" in the [Nickname] field.
  6. Type "" in the field labeled [This nickname will expand to the following addresses:].
  7. Close the address book and click [Yes] when prompted to [Save changes to Address Book].