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Israel Testimonies
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Ashley Keinath
 - Valley Forge Christian College
The Israel Experience program has truly equipped me to stand firm against the tide of odious ideologies that are circulating and gaining speed in our world today. A renaissance has occurred in my mind as well as in my heart as I have been educated in the very classroom of Israel. From the highly intellectual pre-trip reading that I and the other students were required to...  Read More
Matt Sorger
 - Matt Sorger Ministries, Selden, NY
I highly recommend serving God's purposes for Israel through Eagles' Wings Israel program.  We coordinated our first trip over there with Robert Stearns and his team.  They did a wonderful job in making us feel at home in a country that was new for us, coordinating meetings with key leaders giving us great insight into the political climate within Israel.  Rodlyn Park, a member of Eagles' Wings, accompanied us on the trip and shared invaluable  Read More
Bishop Carlton Brown
 - Bethel Gospel Assembly, Harlem, NY
One of the most thrilling excursions in my 30-plus years of ministry was my trip this past February 2008 to Israel with the Eagles' Wings Ministry. Beyond what one generally expects to experience on a trip to the Holy Land, Eagles' Wings offered an opportunity for significant exchange with jewish religious and political leaders. These refreshing and informative times of sharing elevated the trip to a place where we not only received inspiration from the Holy Land's past, but meaningful...  Read More
Pastors Ken and Chrystal Hansen
Pastors Ken and Chrystal Hansen
 - Living Water Community Church, Bolingbrook, IL
The combination of knowledgeable tour guides, quality accommodations, and Eagles' Wings experience in Israel created an exciting, spiritual, and relevant experience that connected me with my congregation and my congregants with each other. The land of Israel brings the realities of scripture to life in a way no other place can.
Ryan Mauro
 - American Military Academy
The Israel Experience is the most generous, yet educational, program for students I have ever come across. Students are taken care of well and are in a safe, comfortable environment, but are given an Ivy League-level education. Future students should prepare themselves for an intellectual and emotional roller-coaster.  Read More
Sabrina Thomas
 - Regent University
After visiting the country I now realize that the issues can not be simplified in the way that many people would mean to serve their agenda. There are complex social, political and theological ethos involved and any foreign or domestic policy will have far reaching impact on the Middle East region. Now that I have seen the facts-on-the-ground I can speak with authority and serve as a Christian voice in helping...  Read More
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