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Our History & Heritage
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Eagles’ Wings began to progressively unfold in the early 1990’s, primarily during the time Robert Stearns first lived in Jerusalem and began contemplating the connection between his own Christian faith and historic Judaism, and the relevance of that connection to current times and events. Seeing the Scriptures in a fresh way caused Robert to begin to hunger for renewal and greater spiritual authenticity in his own life and in the life of the Church as a whole.

Returning to America, Robert shared details of his transformational time in Jerusalem with his long-time mentor, Pastor Tommy Reid, and other friends. With Pastor Reid’s encouragement and assistance, Robert launched the first East Coast Leadership Conference in 1994, which was Eagles’ Wings’ first major national event.

Since that time, the message and influence of Eagles' Wings have grown exponentially around the world. Here are some major highlights of that journey:

Eagles’ Wings Major Events
What Leaders Are Saying
Carlton Brown
 - Carlton Brown Ministries
It’s been my pleasure to know Robert Stearns from the moment I first looked into his eyes and into this man’s face I saw something very unique very special. He’s a charismatic man that appeals to people of all ethnic backgrounds. He has a command of scripture; he expresses a Love for the Lord Jesus Christ reaches to the hearts of men and women. This is a man that I have learned to trust and one that I admire. Robert has helped to bring together the Metropolitan New York Region to partner for a single cause and that cause is to lift up the Name of Jesus Christ. I appreciate this man of God, he has become a friend, a brother, a mentor.